Baby Marrow, Malindi, Kenya

Fishmerman Baby Marrow, Malindi, Kenya

We spent a couple of days on the coast at the lovely, very chilled, Driftwood Beach Club in Malindi. Beautiful scenery, fishing boats, coral reef, stunning flowers and small geckos and lizards everywhere!

Boat Baby Marrow, Malindi, Kenya


Malindi Baby Marrow, Malindi, Kenya


Flowers Baby Marrow, Malindi, Kenya


Lizard Baby Marrow, Malindi, Kenya


Malindi is a beautiful seaside town which has a very large Italian population; I have the feeling that it has been one of their favourite holiday destinations for generations as it even has an Italian Supermarket and many Italian restaurants.

Baby Marrow was recommended to us by a few friends and we were lucky enough that it was open despite it being off-season which meant that lots of local businesses, hotels, restaurants and cafes were closed.

A beautiful slightly quirky restaurant that is really open and spacious with eclectic artwork dotted around included two huge women figurines and a lovely wooded arched roof quite typical of a lot of the restaurants in the area.


Baby Marrow Ceiling Baby Marrow, Malindi, Kenya


Baby Marrow Restaurant Baby Marrow, Malindi, Kenya


They have a lovely hand built stone pizza oven which is in one corner of the restaurant so you can watch the chef working away whilst enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the place.


Baby Marrow Table Setting Baby Marrow, Malindi, Kenya


We wanted something fresh from the sea and I really wanted to try a local dish so we opted to share a pizza with lovely freshly caught tuna and a prawn curry made with Kenyan spices and herbs. Bruschetta came complimentary which was absolutely delicious with lovely fresh tomatoes and some really good herby and slightly fruity Bufalefi D.O.P extra virgin olive oil from Val Tellaro.


Baby Marrow Bruschetta Baby Marrow, Malindi, Kenya


I am not going to say too much about the food apart from the fact that it was all very well seasoned and cooked. The pizza had a lovely thin crisp base and the curry had a beautiful aroma which made you want to eat very slowly and take tiny forkfuls so that you could savour each mouthful.


Baby Marrow Pizza Baby Marrow, Malindi, Kenya


Baby Marrow Prawn Curry Baby Marrow, Malindi, Kenya


It seems like the type of place that would be really busy with people when holiday season hits. It benefits from a bar at the front of the restaurant which has some really good chilled music playing and serves up cocktails and beers if you aren’t staying for dinner. We left with a spring in our step until we got caught in a downpour on the way home!


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