Bone Daddies

Ramen: ‘Food of the gods. Consists of squiggly noodle brick and a packet of condensed powder’. Moses: Whatcha eating? God: Ramen. UrbanDictionary. ‘Food of the gods.’ I would concur. Whole hearty goodness. However, ‘squiggly noodle brick and a packet of condensed powder’ is often what most people think of when the word ‘ramen’ is mentioned….

Patty & Bun. The veal deal?

So after all the hype that we had back in 2011 when Meat Liquor opened it’s not so shiny doors for the first time, there has been an endless stream of burger/fast food/american diner style places opening up ever since. Honest, Tommi’s, Hawksmoor, Electric Diner, Lucky Chip, Mother Flipper (street food), Rotary Bar and Diner, BRGR…