Little Bear’s Malteser Crunch

Rose aka The Londoner hosted a blogger charity cake sale yesterday in aid of Shelter and Save The Children. Being a new blogger I decided to take-part, so I made some cakes and headed to Bumpkin in South Ken.

Now, I do generally eat quite healthily but after I put up this recipe I really don’t think you are going to believe me. This recipe is great if you want to make something quick and fun for a summer party/cake sale/kids party…or if you have a sweet tooth and love maltesers, then this recipe is definitely for you.


Finito Malteaser Crunch Little Bears Malteser Crunch


Little Bear’s Malteser Crunch

You will need:

400g milk chocolate

200g unsalted butter

4tbsp golden syrup

300g rich tea biscuits (Digestives are good as well, but rich tea are a bit dryer and hold the mixture together)

200g maltesers, save 24 to go on top

300g white chocolate


This will make 24 small squares

Takes 15 minutes to make and then approx one hour to set


Ingredients Little Bears Malteser Crunch


Start by crunching up your biscuits. This is easiest done in a food mixer. I didn’t have one of these to hand on this occasion so I used the end of a rolling pin! Then put your butter, milk chocolate and golden syrup in a bain marie and gently melt together. This can also be done in the microwave. Put on a medium heat and stir every 30-45 seconds until completely melted.


Melted Chocolate Little Bears Malteser Crunch


Pour your crumbed biscuit and maltesers into the chocolate mixture and fold in.


Biscuit Crumb Little Bears Malteser Crunch


Add in the malteaser Little Bears Malteser Crunch


Then get a 30cm x 20cm baking dish and cover with baking parchment. Then pour the mixture in and press down firmly. Don’t been afraid to get your hands messy and use them here. The more compact that you can get the mixture in the baking tray the better. This then goes in the fridge to set.


In it goes Little Bears Malteser Crunch


Once the mixture has set melt your white chocolate either in a bain marie or in the microwave. A small scoop of butter can be added if melting in a bain marie as this helps the white chocolate become a finer liquid and stops it from sticking to the bottom of the pan.


Melt the white chocolate Little Bears Malteser Crunch


Leave your malteser crunch in the baking dish and pour your white chocolate on top. Use a knife or spoon to spread over evenly and make sure you go right to the corners. Then leave this at room temperature for the chocolate to start to set. I find it easiest to cut these just before the chocolate has gone completely hard. Once the chocolate has set it can crack when you cut into it. If you find this is the case then boil some water and use this to heat a big sharpe knife which will help you melt and cut through the chocolate.

Cut into 24 pieces and put a malteser on each square. If the chocolate is too hard and the maltesers won’t stick on top then boil a cup of water and put a teaspoon in to heat up. Using the back of the teaspoon melt the chocolate in the middle of each square so that it is sticky enough for the maltesers to stick to.



Ps. If you have a friend that loves maltesers then why not make something a bit different and make malteser crunch in a cake tin?

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