Haché, Fulham Road

Haché is what you might now consider a small chain, with their most recent restaurant opening up in Clapham and another in Camden and Shoreditch. Suzie and Berry Casey opened their first restuarant in 2004 and since then it has gone from strength to strength.

We decided to head to Haché after having had a couple of drinks at the Anglesea Arms which has a great outside area if it’s sunny. On this occasion it decided to start raining when we were half way through our first drink so we swiftly finished up and headed in the direction of warmth and shelter.

Modern surroundings and friendly young staff. Haché is a laid back, easy going place, the type of place that you might go to catch up with a good friend in a slightly more formal setting than a pub or if there is a big group of you then it can be really good fun.


Wine Haché, Fulham Road


Lucy Haché, Fulham Road


Haché specialises in burgers but don’t just expect beef burgers as they do everything from thai fish burgers to lamb burgers to falafel, so that there is something for everyone.


Menu1 Haché, Fulham Road


Menu2 Haché, Fulham Road


We started with some nachos and chicken wings. The nachos were very good and the chicken wings I would put on a par with Meat Liquor or MEATmission in terms of how they were seasoned, spicy with a nice twang.


Chicken Wings Haché, Fulham Road


Nachos Haché, Fulham Road


For main we all went for something different, I decided to try the chef’s special pulled pork burger served with coleslaw and a side of sweet potato fries to share.


Chefs special Haché, Fulham Road


My friends went for the ‘Chicken Spanish’ topped with roasted red pepper and goats cheese, ‘Steak Catalan’ grilled chorizo sausage, fresh chilli and tomato jam and ‘Steak Mexican’ cajun spices, salsa, guacamole, jalapeno peppers and sour cream but without the bun which Haché substitute for a salad which is great if you are gluten intolerant as one of my friends is. They made sure to ask how the beef should be cooked for the burgers rather than just serving as a standard which is good as everyone has a preference, right?


Chicken and stilton Haché, Fulham Road


Burger no bun Haché, Fulham Road


The pulled pork was delicious, slightly sweet and really tender with one piece of really crispy pancetta which had the best crunch. A homemade onion ring which was really good and wasn’t soggy as they can sometimes be. I managed to polish everything off despite this being a very large dish and it still left me wanting more as it was so delicious.


Pulled pork burger Haché, Fulham Road


Pulled Pork Burger2 Haché, Fulham Road


My friend confessed that the chorizo burger is her absolute favourite and she has it every time she goes to Haché. Everyone else really enjoyed their food as well though as was evidenced by four rather empty plates!


Chorizo burger Haché, Fulham Road


We had a lovely relaxing evening and left with very full bellies though not so full that we couldn’t manage a drink at the newly refurbished Goat (previously The Goat in Boots) next door!


minilogo Haché, Fulham Road

mini Haché, Fulham Road

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