Bone Daddies

Ramen: ‘Food of the gods. Consists of squiggly noodle brick and a packet of condensed powder’.

Moses: Whatcha eating?

God: Ramen.


‘Food of the gods.’ I would concur. Whole hearty goodness. However, ‘squiggly noodle brick and a packet of condensed powder’ is often what most people think of when the word ‘ramen’ is mentioned. An education is required. This is the exact conversation (well not quite word for word) that I had with a very nice member of the ‘Bone Daddies’ team.

Bone Daddies is a trendy new ramen bar that opened up in November on Peter Street, Soho. Ross Shonhan is the main inspiration for this place and after having worked at both Nobu and Zuma he wanted to put his signature to something of his own and thus Bone Daddies was born. Thank goodness it was as this place is pretty rock n roll, they actually play rock n roll music which gives a great upbeat feel. The seating is pretty laid out and the place is nice and airy. There is a long seating area the whole way down the length of the window as well as the rest of the way around the restaurant. There are a number of big tables with bar stool seating so you could find yourself sat next to a random tourist, or even worse, a mad food enthusiast! The stools aren’t screwed to the floor like some places though so you can subtly edge away if you have been sat next to someone who starts giving you odd looks and breathing down your neck.

The menu is pretty simplistic. Ramen. I joke. There is slightly more than that. Starters/sides or ‘snacks’ as they call it to which there is a selection of eight. Cold and hot dishes ranging from ‘leaves’ (!) £5 to ‘soft shell crab’ £8. I was in a hurry, there was no time for trying any of these extra delights so we went straight in for the kill. Tantanmen for me (sesame, chilli, pork mince and bok choy in a chicken bone broth) £11 and two huge bowls of Tonkotsu Ramen(spring onion and chashu pork in a 20 hour pork bone broth, also £11) for Marmie Bear and our favourite family friend.

Now I have mentioned this already but the bowls of ramen are huge. You really do get quite a feast. Thumbs up. Not only this however, but as some of you may know it can be quite hard to present broth in a appeasing way. A watery consistency and not the most appealing colour always presents a problem. Bone Daddies do not mention the fact that they serve two halves of a poached egg with their ramen but that’s how it came. Two beautiful egg halves with a rich orangey centre that eggs only have when they are fresh and most likely organic. They were perfectly cooked as the centres were still delightfully soft. They sat like beacons on the side of our bowl and made me want to dive in for a swim. A glistening added extra. So this is how to brighten up your little bowl of broth the next time that you make it. Marmie Bear I really do hope that you took note!

I was warned about the fact that my ramen was spicy but didn’t find it too hot at all. It was really nutty, rich and creamy with a great depth of flavour. There was a velvety smoothness in texture and the noodles held just enough of their own to require a quick chomp before you could happily satisfy your belly ready for the next mouthful. The chilli cut through the richness of the dish giving a nice gentle heat. Unfortunately I cannot comment on the Tokotsu, for once I was so self consumed with my own dish that I completely failed to grab a bite of everyone else’s! This place is living proof that not all noodles come out of a packet and take two minutes to boil in water. Amen.

Having had a good feed I left BDaddies with a smile on my face. The music, the comforting food and the friendly staff mean that this baby hits the nail on the head!

Star rating 6/10

Unfortunately my memory card decided to not let me transfer my photos to the computer, so alas I cannot put a photo of our empty bowls for you to see. I will have this sorted soon I promise.


minilogo Bone Daddies

small Bone Daddies

2 thoughts on “Bone Daddies

  1. Hi Bear!
    I went to Bone Daddies just the other day and ordered the tantanmen too, it was so creamy and gave me gorgeous glossy lips haha can’t wait to try out their ramen salads!

    1. Hello!

      Ha, yeah a great lipgloss…the added benefit of being a tasty one as well! I’m looking forward to going back, glad you enjoyed it.

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