Mother Mash, Soho

For those of you that work in the City you will most likely have heard about or may now even be a regular visitor to Mother Mash which recently opened up their new shop on Leadenhall Street.

I can only guess that this relatively new opening has happened due to the success of their other restaurant which is just off Carnaby Street in Soho. I found myself their the other night after deciding that I (tummy tina) didn’t have the patience to wait in either the queue for Polpo or the newly opened Flat Iron steak restaurant which was pretty rammed. So Mother Mash it was.

This is a really small restaurant with only about 4/5 booths which seat four persons max, they run along the wall on the right hand side and on the left at the back is a long counter with bar stools so that you can dine for one if you fancy. It’s typical diner style. Cleanliness nor prettiness is not what this place is about. There is a large counter area on the left hand side when you walk in, I didn’t see this being used apart from the waitresses to discreetly hide their dinner and take the occasional nibble! There is an area to sit and wait as well so I imagine that this is used in the day for people to order and wait to take-away.

As you might guess from the name Mother Mash they serve up sausages, pie and…mash.


Mother Mash Menu Mother Mash, Soho


There are three steps to the menu.

  1. Choose your mash – classic, cheesy, horseradish etc. They only use Maris Piper tatties which, as we all know are great for mashing as they are nice and fluffy!
  2. Sausage/Pie – choose your flavour sausage or pie filling. The sausages are all organic and the menu says that the pies are local. Local? In Soho? Not really sure how local this can mean?
  3. Choose your gravy – traditional, onion, veggie etc

The concept is simple and good. There should be more of them…The Big Bang in Oxford used to be like this but has gone a bit more upmarket since its re-opening…they obviously had their reasons.

I went for the classic mash, lamb and mint sausages (you get two), farmer’s gravy and a side of peas. My friends went for the Cumberland sausages, wild boar sausages and the chef’s special pie which was steak and ale.


Sausage and mash Mother Mash, Soho


The lamb and mint sausages were delicious, they were really well seasoned. The mash was really smooth and buttery and the gravy had a nice rich flavour.


Steak Pie Mother Mash, Soho


We were all pretty hungry so each opted for a dessert as well (it had been a long day okay!) me the sticky toffee pud, choc pud, gingerbread pud and apple pie.


Mother Mash Puds Mother Mash, Soho


These took ages to come but I would have said they were worth the wait. My sticky toffee pudding had vanilla notes with little bits of chopped up dates which were really and moist, the sponge was light and the sauce was actually sticky, just as it should be.


Sticky toffee pudding Mother Mash, Soho


Everyone else really enjoyed their puddings as well, overall we were pretty happy.


Apple Pie Mother Mash, Soho


This place is no frills, good food. The type of place that you would go if you want a good cheap eat in the Soho area.

Rating 4.5/10

minilogo Mother Mash, Soho

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