Patty & Bun. The veal deal?

So after all the hype that we had back in 2011 when Meat Liquor opened it’s not so shiny doors for the first time, there has been an endless stream of burger/fast food/american diner style places opening up ever since. Honest, Tommi’s, Hawksmoor, Electric Diner, Lucky Chip, Mother Flipper (street food), Rotary Bar and Diner, BRGR and Burger and Shake to name a few. So it wasn’t a surprise when Patty & Bun announced that they were jumping on the band wagon! Based on St James Street just up from Bond Street tube station makes it the perfect place for anyone working in the West End to go for lunch.


Patty Bun Patty & Bun. The veal deal?


We visited for a late lunch but still found the place packed full of people, not that there are actually that many tables meaning that it packs out pretty quickly. All the tables are pretty close together giving it quite a buzzy intimate atmosphere. Their is a choice of six different burgers that you can choose from including one vegetarian burger. I’m a big BBQ fan and therefore went for the ‘Smokey Robinson’, Beef patty,cheese,  lettuce, tomato, mounds of caramelised onion, bacon, ketchup, smokey P&B mayo, brioche. Yum. My friend went for the ‘Lambshank Redemption’ Burger which I was also tempted to try as well. We went for a side of chips and their BBQ Chicken Wings to share.


Menu1 Patty & Bun. The veal deal?


The wait for food was not long and before we knew it a tray with 2 large parcels, chips and wings were placed infront of us. We unwrapped our neat parcels to reveal two perfectly formed burgers.


Chicken Wings Patty & Bun. The veal deal?


Now here is the low down. The beef was really tender and most definitely rare. You could taste the meatiness of it which makes a nice change from some of the chains that are around. The brioche was light and fluffy. There was most definitely a mound of caramelised onion in my burger, I love caramelised onions but did question whether maybe it was slightly too overpowering for everything else that was in the burger? I had a bite of my friends burger and thought the lamb tasted delicious, all the flavours worked really well together, the braised red cabbage was a nice sweetness against the feta cheese. I think there is a fine line to be drawn between making a burger that falls apart and is too sloppy and one that is nice and juicy but still manages to hold together whilst you are eating. I am all up for getting my hands a bit messy but would say that Patty & Bun get dangerously close to crossing this line. Lots of napkins are definitely needed! The BBQ Chicken Wings were amazing. They were really tended and fell off the bone. The BBQ sauce was nicely smoked and sticky. The fries were nice and crispy though I couldn’t really taste the rosemary salt.


Burger Patty & Bun. The veal deal?


Overall I would say that Patty & Bun is another good addition to the burger scene in London. I just wander how many more are going to open up?

Burger n Chips Patty & Bun. The veal deal?


minilogo Patty & Bun. The veal deal?

small Patty & Bun. The veal deal?

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