Scoop, South Kensington

I wouldn’t normally review ice cream places but think this one definitely deserves a little mention. My friend and I discovered Scoop in Covent Garden back in 2011 when we first moved to London. We loved the place and the gelato was so bloody good that the memory has stayed in our minds ever since. This was Scoops first shop and they have quite recently opened two more. One in Soho and the other in South Ken which is the one I paid a visit to recently.


Scoop Scoop, South Kensington


Scoop predominantly specialises in gelato however, they also make waffles, crepes and tiramisu is their latest addition which they offer in four different flavours.


Vanilla gelato Scoop, South Kensington


pistachio gelato Scoop, South Kensington

Hazelnut (my favourite)

Hazlenut icecream Scoop, South Kensington

Lemon Sorbet

lemon sorbet Scoop, South Kensington


Their shops are small, clean and modern with their brightly coloured orange branding featured throughout.

 Scoop Bar Scoop, South Kensington


Coconut Cones Scoop, South Kensington


They take the time and effort to display information stating where they source each of their individual ingredients from. So if you are the type of person that likes to know that your pistachios are ‘superior’ and come from Bronte in Italy or the matcha powder is organic and sourced from Kyoto in Japan then this place is definitely for you!


Ice cream ingredients Scoop, South Kensington


They serve up Italian illy coffee and other teas so if you fancy a sit-down and a sweet treat then Scoop is perfect.


Coffee Scoop, South Kensington


illy Scoop, South Kensington


On this occasion we decided to have one waffle and one crepe both with gelato! Mine was the milk chocolate and hazelnut gelato crepe which was absolutely amazing. The waffle was made to order and was nice and crisp on the outside but not too doughy on the inside.


Hazelnut and chocolate ice cream Scoop, South Kensington


My sister chose the mango sorbet and dark chocolate. I think my combo worked slightly better but each to their own.


Crepes and icec cream Scoop, South Kensington


Making crepes Scoop, South Kensington


The other amazing thing is that they do tubs to takeaway, so if you are planning a dinner party or want a spare tub in the freezer for a indulgent dessert then this is well worth investing in.


Gelato takeaway boxes Scoop, South Kensington


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